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Who are we? 

Special Districts provide vital services like water and energy, fire protection and public safety, treatment of waste water, and garbage removal and much more. They safeguard our communities, they work arduously to keep our families healthy, and they help our states thrive.

We are East Davis FPD (Fire Protection District) one of fifteen in Yolo County and our job is to provide fire protection through contracts with the City of Davis Fire department.   


What is the State Law that Governs Fire Protection Districts?

(Sections 13800-13970, Health & Safety Code)

The governing body, which is established by law to administer the operation of a fire protection district, may be composed of one of the following alternatives, as set forth in the petition or resolution proposing the formation of the district (13816 & 13821).

(1) A district board may generally have 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 members (13842);
(2) The district board may be appointed or elected (13835 and 13848);
(3) Elected district board members may be elected by district or at large (13846);
(4) Appointed district board members are appointed by the County Board of Supervisors, or the city council, or both, or two or more of either depending upon cities or counties within the district. Appointments are apportioned by the number of cities or counties within the district and the number of people in each (13835-13839).
Fire protection districts are formed through a petition signed by no less than 25% of the proposed districts registered voters or through a resolution of application adopted by the city or county the district resides in. A Notice of Intention must be filled with the LAFCO Executive Officer prior to circulation of the petition beginning (Government Code 56700.4). Once formation proceedings have been initiated a noticed public hearing must be held. The LAFCO Commission may approve, modify, or deny the proposed district formation after receiving public testimony. If approved an election is called and if a majority of qualified voters of the district vote in its favor, the district will be formed (Health and Safety Code 13829, Government Code 57176).
State responsibility areas may be included in the district. In such areas, the State will repress and prevent timber, brush and grass fires. The district will be responsible for structures and may provide other district services. The LAFCO Executive Officer must notify the State Directory of Forestry and Fire Protection of the Commission’s hearing (13811).
After the district has been formed, the boundaries of the district may be altered, and outlying contiguous or noncontiguous, incorporated or unincorporated territory may be included within the district. The Executive Officer must notify the Director of Forestry and Fire Protection of the annexation if all or a portion of the affected territory is classified as a State Responsibility Area (Government Code Section 56661(f)).
The specific services the district board may provide are (13862):

(1) Fire protection services;
(2) Rescue services;
(3) Emergency medical services;
(4) Hazardous material emergency response services;
(5) Ambulance services;
(6) And other services relating to the protection of lives and property.